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Encouraging Brazilian sport

Selmi believes that sport is an important tool in the evolution of our community and also for new generations. That is why it encourages athletes through different modalities.

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Ilustração área verde meio ambiente

Renata Volleyball

The brand Renata is the official sponsor of Volleyball Renata, a team of men in the city of Campinas. An award-winning team that achieves many results and also brought home the title of champion of the São Paulo Men's Volleyball Championship 2020.

Achievements also
outside the courts

Actions that count
more than numbers

Outside the courts, Volleyball Renata is also champion. The social actions that are led by the team have already reached many realities providing a better future for children and young people.

2308 children
were helped
125 tons of donated food
Jogadores formados na base
207 players trained
at the base
Torcedores em público
+ 342 mil thousand people in public at the Taquaral Gymnasium
Ilustração área verde meio ambiente

Selmi Sponsorship in athletics

Josimar Ribeiro and Cristiano Viana are the two highlights in athletics Renata. Two elite athletes who have already reached the podium several times, taking the Renata brand along with them.

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