Ilustração Selmi and the Environment

Selmi and the Environment

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Ilustração Selmi's Environmental Responsibility Report
Ilustração A menu prepared with taste and results.

A menu prepared
with taste and results.

Whenever the subject is consumption of food outside the home, Selmi is concerned with offering the best menu of products and services. The purpose is to achieve the taste of home-made food with the quality and agility required by the best food establishments. In addition to preserving high quality, safety, delivery within deadlines and advantages, Selmi offers technical training to its Food Service customers.

Topics such as nutritional information, preparation information and recipes developed by the best professionals are addressed, always taking into account the characteristics of each business.

Always attentive to world trends, Selmi invests in research and development of new products to better serve the Food Service niche market, in order to be acknowledged as the company that is growing most in demand and quality, whether in Brazil or abroad.

Ilustração Selmi respects animal welfare in egg production

Selmi respects animal welfare in egg production.

Selmi, owner of the Renata and Galo brands, reaffirming its responsibility for sustainability and aligned with worldwide good practices on animal welfare, comes to the public to reaffirm its commitment to the use of eggs from hens bred without cages, known by the term “cage-free”, adopting this best practice in its production process, gradually, from the restructuring of the entire egg production chain in Brazil, which involves, in addition to the industry, mainly farmers and suppliers.

As any transformation also depends on public policies to encourage “cage-free” in order to avoid transferring costs that may impact the value of the basic supplies on the consumer basket, it is Selmi’s responsibility to inform, complying with the duty of transparency in its communications, that will only incorporate the sustainable egg in 100% of its revenues when the market is ready to fully meet the demand, which is expected to occur by 2030, ensuring the balance in its production and waiving any commitment with the supply of the egg used in the manufacture of our products, which are basic foods in the diet of Brazilians.

Ilustração Concerned about the environment, Selmi has achieved quality certifications.

Concerned about the environment, Selmi has achieved quality certifications.

In all manufacturing plants, Selmi implemented the Good Manufacturing Practices System (GMP), an international certification that guarantees a standard process with perfect hygiene and cleaning conditions. In addition, the units have the Hazard Analysis System and Critical Control Points project, an internal process that ensures the optimization of production and the quality of food, a Selmi commitment to the Brazilian family.

Selmi is also monitored by SGS, an internationally recognized auditing company; and by the Brazilian Association of Pasta Industries, ABIMA, fitting in the ABIMA Guarantee Seal.

Among other recognition actions in favor of the environment, Selmi also won the Green Socio-Environmental Seal Chico Mendes, due to its sustainable management, implementing a new industrial effluent treatment station.

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