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Production processes

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Following the most rigorous
quality standards, get to know a little about the manufacturing process
of Selmi products.

The manufacturing process for Selmi products undergoes strict quality control, relying on rigorous analysis of raw materials and selection of healthy ingredients to join Selmi tradition with technological advances in the food industry. Following the main food safety standards together with the supervision of the quality team, the commitment is to bring a final product of excellence to customers.

In the steps that precede manufacturing, the raw material is analyzed to check the amount of gluten and, in the case of Renata pasta, pasteurized liquid eggs are added, without any addition of salt or preservatives to the mixture.

After the mixing step, the dough is cut and put into the drying process, which guarantees its shape. All Selmi products are mechanically packed and taken to the factory's distribution center.

A marca Renata conta com uma linha completa de produtos desenvolvidos especialmente para levar mais qualidade para os momentos do seu dia a dia. Saiba mais sobre o portfólio mais completo do setor e se surpreenda com sabores inesquecíveis.

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Traditionally loved for its delicious and loose pasta, Galo Brand also brings more than 60 products to serve the whole family. They are pastas with different cuts and sweet and salty biscuits, fresh as fresh from the oven and perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

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